New Family Traditions: The Easter Egg Hunt

Lots of things change when everyone in your family grows up, but nobody has any kids yet.  Especially holidays.  Like, for instance, Easter Egg hunts are way less exciting when you’re in college than they are when you’re six.



(The Easter Bunny, however, is always terrifying)

My family ran into this problem some years ago, but we didn’t want to totally scrap the hunt, since my little cousin still looked forward to finding eggs and all that.  He may have actually been six at the time, come to think of it.

Anyway, we decided to revamp our model to make it more fun for all of us college students while still retaining the spirit of an Easter Egg Hunt.


Mostly, we decided to add nerf guns.  Nerf guns = instant magic.


For all your 90’s/early 2000’s kids, we based our Easter Egg Battle after the egg battle level in the Nintendo 64 version of Diddy Kong Racing.  We actually played the music to the level while we battled.  It was amazing.  The link is below.


It took us several years to hone the rules and regulations in order to make our Easter Egg Battle into a truly challenging and exciting competition, but four years later the event has become a much anticipated tradition.  Family friends even come over every now and then to take part in the festivities because it’s just so much fun, darn it.


The rules are included below for any of you that might be interested in attempting an egg battle of your own.



  1. Baskets must be spread out & placed by the players.  They are immobile – “home base” for the player.  Eggs must be transported to the basket, not vice versa.
  2. A non-searching player must hide all of the eggs in the designated battle area.
  3. The non-searching player must also give the other players the start signal.
  4. Once play begins, players may search for eggs and attempt to transport them back to their Easter baskets.
  5. Once a player has picked up an egg he/she may be targeted by other players (of course, players may wish to shoot other players at all times – however, they are only affected by a hit if they are carrying eggs.)
  6. If a player carrying an egg is hit by a dart, he/she must deposit the egg on the ground immediately & “tag up” at his or her basket, at which time other players may steal the egg he/she was carrying.  Once he/she has tagged up (or “respawned”, as my video-game-playing brother likes to call it) he/she may resume play.
  7. Players are responsible for maintaining their own ammunition collections.
  8. The player with the most eggs at the end of the battle wins.
  9. The battle ends when all of the eggs have been located & deposited in the players’ Easter baskets.
  10. If young children are also participating, several possible adjustments may be made:
    1. They may be made exempt from egg theft or darts (or both) & essentially function as “egg snipers” – swooping in to steal eggs that other players have been forced to discard (my cousin used to be especially good at this).
    2. They may be given outside help in discovering & transporting eggs by non-searching players (usually parents).


I promise, it’s so much fun you’ll want to keep doing it forever.  Everything is better with nerf guns.  Even Easter.